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Our Approach


We deliberately tailor our approach to take account of each client’s time, budget constraints and their stage of development. This means that you can pick the approach that best suits your needs.

Mentoring: Good ideas and intentions alone are often not enough to ensure success. To help you succeed, we are able to offer you a guiding hand from someone who knows the rules of the game and has done it before. Mentoring is suited to those organisations that are time or budget constrained or looking for that support to guide them through the end-end initiative.
Consultancy: We are able to design and offer hourly, daily or fixed price contracts to deliver on your scope of work. These programs provide you with the critical skills and knowledge needed to overcome challenges and deliver results.
Partnering: Operating as a business partner we can oversee the operation of your fleet, or bring in a winning team to service your needs.

For more information or to discuss your own set of circumstances, please contact us for a no obligation discussion to see how we can help.

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www.fleetceo.com - Fleet CEO provides specialised fleet procurement, fleet management and fleet consulting services.Fleet Management Services in Australia.SEO by www.MedreamSEO.com