www.fleetceo.com - Fleet CEO provides specialised fleet consulting, fleet procurement and fleet management services in Australia

Fleet Consulting Services

A practical, common sense approach to fleet orientated business problems

Fleet CEO Fleet Consultants can help to solve your fleet orientated business problems. Our consultancy services range from the review and assessment of current capabilities through to the design and implementation of organisational strategies for improved performance.  Central to our approach is the ability to provide visibility and insight into business problems and drive informed decision making.

We specialise in Total Cost Management

Demand for our consultancy services typically arises once a Procurement or Sourcing team decides to review its Fleet Category or Senior Executive’s start to question the number and cost of fleet assets.  A casual observation of the number of vehicles in the car park, increasing costs, service delivery challenges, capital restraints and corporate governance concerns are all common reasons why clients seek our services.

Program or Bespoke Solutions offer you maximum flexibility

As an advisor to your business, our approach provides for detailed analysis of the current state, identification of practical solutions and an outline of next steps.  At the core of our offer, is the ability for you to access our skills and expertise in a bespoke manner.  This offers you the benefit of using us to perform the business analysis you need, or to provide the comprehensive and authoritative guidance that may be required to bring about change.  The choice is up to you.

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www.fleetceo.com - Fleet CEO provides specialised fleet procurement, fleet management and fleet consulting services.Fleet Management Services in Australia.SEO by www.MedreamSEO.com