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Policy and Process Improvement

Process, Policy and Procedure Development

Fleet CEO can help you design and implement a management framework to improve the governance and coordination of fleet activities. Often neglected, well written Policies and Procedures are critical in establishing accountability and culture for improved risk and cost management.  Aligned to business objectives, they become the cornerstone for effective and continuous improvement.

 Effective Management requires more than Good Policy

Simplistically,  Business Policies and Procedures are created to allow management to guide operations without constant intervention.    Creating a set of management tools, a coherent fleet management framework should create a link between the organisation’s vision and its day to day operations so that  Drivers, Managers and Suppliers understand their obligations.

Our services help you to create an effective management framework

Fleet CEO can help you to redesign business processes and create a comprehensive framework to govern and guide the management of your fleet

  • Motor Vehicle and Fleet Management Policies
  • Operating Procedures
  • Driver Manuals
  • Work-flow forms and templates

www.fleetceo.com - Fleet CEO provides specialised fleet procurement, fleet management and fleet consulting services.Fleet Management Services in Australia.SEO by www.MedreamSEO.com