www.fleetceo.com - Fleet CEO provides specialised fleet consulting, fleet procurement and fleet management services in Australia

Vehicle and Equipment Selection

We help our clients to maximise their operational and corporate objectives through the selection of cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles, plant and equipment.

  • Supply of quality information and advice to help you identify and select vehicles and equipment suited to your business requirements
  • Identification of ‘fit for purpose’ requirements
  • Whole of life cost modelling and analysis
  • Standardisation of vehicle and equipment specifications to consolidate volume and spend
  • Sourcing and procurement programs for the negotiation and purchase of vehicles and equipment through preferred   dealers and manufacturers
  • Research to overcome barriers preventing changes to vehicle policies

www.fleetceo.com - Fleet CEO provides specialised fleet procurement, fleet management and fleet consulting services.Fleet Management Services in Australia.SEO by www.MedreamSEO.com